Weekly Update 12/31


12/31 Weekly Update from the Campaign Trail!


Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Team Ackison! May God continue to bless you and your family into 2020.

Ackison for Ohio Launches New Video Ad

Click here to watch and share Melissa's new video.

Melissa Ackison is ecstatic to receive an outpouring of positive feedback from the campaign's new extensive digital ad series. The newest ad in the series highlights the issues plaguing the 26th District and its communities as a result of decades of government and legislative incompetence. Watch and share Melissa's newest video here.

Sign Melissa's Petition

Public debate allows the people to make the most informed decision possible on Election Day. It's a necessary step in our democratic process. A debate over Ohio's 26th State Senate seat must take place. While Melissa has committed to a debate, her opponent refuses to do so.

Go to www.AckisonForOhio.com/debate and sign Melissa's petition to tell Bill Reineke that the people demand to see a debate. It is unacceptable for a public servant to hide and deflect from the public and their concerns. Tell Melissa's opponent to agree to a debate so that the people can know who they're really voting for.

Click here to sign the petition!