Weekly Update 12/10


12/10 Weekly Update from the Campaign Trail!


Melissa Ackison Attends Crawford County Township Association Banquet

Melissa Ackison attended the Crawford County Township Association Annual Winter Banquet this past Thursday in Bucyrus, Ohio. While there, Melissa met with supporters and was given the opportunity to address those in attendance.

"I had an amazing and incredibly fun night with the Township Association here in Crawford County. Folks are waking up in Crawford County and the momentum behind our campaign is contagious! Thank you to the Crawford County Township Association for inviting me to their banquet."

Melissa Ackison Participates in Mayor's Breakfast in Nevada, Ohio

On Tuesday morning Melissa Ackison attended a breakfast with local mayors and other elected officials. Melissa's opponent was also in attendance and while there both candidates pitched their platforms to the attendees.

"I was so glad I had the opportunity to be in the presence of my opponent where it became incredibly obvious, why the working men and women resonate so much with my candidacy. Real solutions come from real people and now isn’t the time for political rhetoric!"

Melissa Means Business

Melissa Ackison met with small business owners from all around the district to talk about the problems and obstacles that out-of-touch politicians have created for small business owners all around the state. Melissa shared her pro-business platform and reiterated her commitment to deregulating Ohio's economy once elected.

"I've said it time and time again, Ohio is on par to have as many job-killing and suffocating business regulations on our economy as California and New York. These business leaders create jobs and boost their local economies in their community and our officials thank them by slapping even more harmful regulations on them, that ends once I am in the Senate!"