Weekly Update 1/28

Fellow Patriot --

1/28 Weekly Update from the Campaign Trail!


Melissa Ackison at Bucyrus City Council Meeting

On Wednesday, Melissa stood up for your 2nd Amendment rights by presenting at the Bucyrus City Council meeting. She talked about problems with the recent pushes for "red flag gun laws" saying:

"What happens if it’s someone that I am targeting politically? What if it is an ex-spouse? What if it’s somebody that I dislike that I want to have their guns taken from them? You will then be responsible for defending yourself in a court of law to get your guns back—that’s not the way that any of this should be working."

Melissa Ackison Responds to Reineke Attacks

Melissa's opponent has spent the week attacking her as well as the business she and her husband own together. You may have seen her response to the first press release, but don't miss her smear campaign responses on Facebook, too! See the full press release here

Melissa Ackison Talks to Ohio Stands United

On Saturday, Melissa Ackison called in live and talked to Michael Hiles of Ohio Stands United about political activism, life on the campaign trail and standing up for our Constitutional rights.

Candidates Night Scheduled for next Week

Come see Melissa Ackison and her opponent speak at the Republican Candidates Night in Union County next Wednesday, February 5th at 7pm. The event will be at 233 W. Sixth Street, Marysville, OH and will take place regardless of Representative Reineke's attendance. Find more information about the debate and other events on our events page.

Debates Are Scheduled! Sign Melissa's Petition

Public debate allows the people to make the most informed decision possible on Election Day. It's a necessary step in our democratic process. A debate over Ohio's 26th State Senate seat must take place. While Melissa has committed to a debate, her opponent refuses to do so, even not responding to an invitation to debate in Union County this week. We still have a debate scheduled in Crawford County on February 13th!

Go to www.AckisonForOhio.com/debate and sign Melissa's petition to tell Bill Reineke that the people demand to see a debate. It is unacceptable for a public servant to hide and deflect from the public and their concerns. Tell Melissa's opponent to agree to a debate so that the people can know who they're really voting for.

Click here to sign the petition!

Yard Signs Are Here!

Yard signs are in, sign up to display your support of Melissa! Click here or go to www.AckisonForOhio.com/Yard_Sign to request a yard sign.

Make sure you are following Melissa Ackison on Facebook to stay up to date on when the Ackison Team is holding a sign pickup in your area!

Deadline to Register


Did you know that to vote for Melissa you must be a registered Republican? The deadline to register as an official Republican for the March 17th primary is February 17, 2020. Register or update your registration by clicking here.