Ackison Endorsed by Staunchest Pro-life Organization in the State of Ohio

Feb. 14, 2020   614-302-3461


Ackison Endorsed by Staunchest Pro-life Organization in the State of Ohio


(Marysville, OH – February 14, 2020) Yesterday, Ackison received notice from The Ohio Right to Life Action Coalition, moments before stepping on stage in Bucyrus, Ohio for a Crawford County debate. She made the announcement to an enthusiastic crowd ready to rally behind her message for the 26th District.


Upon giving this endorsement, the Coalition stated:


“The work Melissa has put into the pro-life ministry for two decades and her own personal testimony as a teenage girl who lived through a first trimester abortion is the most powerful tool, we have to shut these facilities DOWN in Ohio. She’s strong, she’s passionate, she’s real and she’s a force to be reckoned with. We’ve never had a candidate like Melissa in Ohio and her testimony and positions to save babies and protect their mothers will be historical in shutting down abortion facilities in this state. We are so proud of her.”


Melissa Ackison’s response was:


 “I’m just doing what I feel is right by the people. I tell the stories of my life in hopes of helping others to overcome. I know who I am. I’m loved by Christ and he keeps me moving every day to lift the people up. There’s a reason I pack rooms everywhere I go. If I talk about Ohio’s business climate, it’s relatable to my life and my business. When I talk about veterans issues it’s because I sent a child overseas for this country. When I talk about abolishing abortion, it’s because I lived through the trauma as a young girl. Real people resonate and I’m confident in myself to just be me.  It’s worked out well in my life. I cannot wait to represent the people in my district. We are doing this together and it feels amazing!”


We are excited to have this endorsement and look forward to fighting for the health and safety of Ohio’s children in the Statehouse!


In God We Trust,

The Ackison for Ohio Team