Weekly Update 12/24

Fellow Patriot --

12/24 Weekly Update from the Campaign Trail!


Melissa Ackison in Seneca County

Melissa Ackison attended the Izaak Walton League of America's meeting in Seneca County on Tuesday. The league is one of America's largest and most active wildlife conservation efforts to protect America's clean soil and water.

Melissa Visits Sandusky County

On Saturday morning, Melissa Ackison attended the Sandusky County Central Committee meeting in Fremont, Ohio. Melissa introduced herself to the committee and spent the afternoon meeting with local business owners and community members.

"I always love coming out to visit my supporters up north! The people of Sandusky County have had the last straw with business-as-usual politics and local corruption and they are ready to put an end to it. I welcome anyone who's ready to get to work on the issues that matter to the hard-working people of Ohio on my campaign."

Sign Melissa's Petition

Public debate allows the people to make the most informed decision possible on Election Day, it's a necessary step in our democratic process. A debate over Ohio's 26th State Senate seat must take place. While Melissa has committed to a debate, her opponent refuses to do so.

Go to www.AckisonForOhio.com/debate and sign Melissa's petition to tell Bill Reineke that the people demand to see a debate. It is unacceptable for a public servant to hide and deflect from the public and their concerns. Tell Melissa's opponent to agree to a debate so that the people can know who they're really voting for.

Click here to sign the petition!

Melissa Ackison Receives Jolliest Endorsement Yet

After visiting the northern most county in Ohio’s 26th District on Saturday, Melissa Ackison traveled a little farther north to acquire an important endorsement. After meeting with the leading authority on who is naughty and nice, Melissa is pleased to announce the Endorsement of Santa Claus himself.

Jingling with excitement, Melissa said “It was great meeting Santa! He is an elf-made man through and through, so he really understands the struggles people are facing these days. We had a long talk about the number of Politicians on the Naughty list and Santa agreed that a compromise could be reached as there is not enough coal for all of them. This kind of open communication is what we need in the world today!”

Melissa was delighted to be taken on a personal tour of Santa’s Tree-mendous property while discussing the race. Melissa saidHe really liked my stance on Christmas Spirit as my opponent seems to be a SBINO (Santa Believer In Name Only). After seeing his organizational skills, Mr. Claus is going to be my top advisor on list making for sure!”

Santa stated “If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that everyone should have a Merry Christmas! Ho, ho, ho!”