Melissa Ackison Responds to Reineke's Press Release

Upon reading my opponent’s recent press releases, it was disappointing to see this level of desperation from my opponent. Going as far as purchasing a website in MY NAME and using it to publicly attack me shows exactly how deep the Ohio swamp goes. However, it is to be expected from a rich establishment Republican who is used to getting his way and has been disappointed by the recent polls. Smearing the reputation of his opponent and her business is the only strategy he has left.


Unlike Mr. Reineke, my husband and I weren't born into generational wealth and we didn't inherit the businesses we own and operate together. We have clawed our way to where we are without the help of wealthy parents and turnkey businesses already in place.  


In the real world, middle America and the small business owners who came from nothing and built economic opportunity are all too familiar with Ohio's regulatory environment. Ohio is on par with New York and California when it comes to strangulation of administrative compliance organizations and regulatory demands. It comes as NO surprise to me that an intrusive organization like the Ohio Board of Engineers and Surveyors would endorse a BIG GOVERNMENT LOVING candidate like Bill Reineke who has done NOTHING to help our State from escaping the likes of New York and California with our regulatory environment. It does not help that I stated to the Ohio Engineers Board that my goal included shutting them down along with other intrusive government agencies that strangle small business owners.


My experience with the Ohio Board of Engineers and Surveyors has been well documented. After an excruciating investigation that coincidentally, started upon my entering the political arena and a fine that far exceeded what the Ohio Revised Code specifies for an administrative infraction, my husband and I fought back and dug our heels in the sand. We tried working with our elected officials in both the House and Senate to stand up for ourselves. We were 100% okay with the Ohio Engineers board to issue a hold on our license while we duked it out versus handing over 4,000.00 to another regulatory agency with their grubby hands out.


The fact that Bill Reineke points out that my husband and I participate in a second chance program to get Felons back to work as though it's a bad thing, is sickening and a complete elitist mentality. In the private sector as well as my private business, I have always been a part of second chance programs to help men and women be productive citizens, free from government systems. A hard day’s work is proven to reduce recidivism and re-incarceration. I happen to believe there's pride in a working man or woman and want to do all I can to help them provide for their families.  


These attacks are another example of Bill being out of touch with real world issues and the complete disconnect he has with this district who has spoken loud and clear that Melissa Ackison is their chosen conservative warrior.  


My supporters and I will fight TOGETHER, against intrusive government as I continue to resonate with THE PEOPLE. Meanwhile, Bill and his team scramble around trying to catch up with me and destroy my reputation just to get ahead. I know it hurts for Bill to lose to a middle-class woman who has the support of the people, but he needs to get a hold of himself. He has already lost touch with the people of his district, he does not want to lose what integrity he has as well by supporting information he does not understand.

In God We Trust,

Melissa Ackison