Ohio state senate candidates Melissa Ackison, Bill Reineke report campaign contributions, expenses

COLUMBUS — Friday was the deadline for candidates in the state of Ohio to file annual reports containing campaign contributions and expenses. Since there is little-to-no public polling conducted for state-level races, politicos and pundits often rely on campaign finance reports to judge a candidate’s standing in the race. In the heated Republican primary battle for the 26th district Ohio Senate seat, current State Rep. Bill Reineke (R-Tiffin) outraised his conservative challenger, small business owner Melissa Ackison (R-Marysville), by just $13,881 — a number that likely startled Reineke and his campaign staff who, until recently, have avoided directly attacking Ackison.  Read more here

Melissa Ackison Marches for Life in Tiffin

TIFFIN — Businesswoman and conservative activist Melissa Ackison (R-Marysville) brought her campaign to Tiffin on Sunday. First, Ackison participated in the Tiffin Ecumenical March for Life, organized by Tiffin Right to Life. The march started at St. Joseph Catholic Church, proceeded to Courthouse Square for a brief update, and concluded at St. Mary Catholic Church. Then, Ackison, who is running for the 26th district Ohio Senate seat in a heated Republican primary against State Rep. Bill Reineke (R-Tiffin), shared her vision with voters during a meet & greet event held at Tiffin AMVETS Post 48. Ackison spoke about a variety of topics during the event, including Second Amendment rights, abortion, the economy, and education. Ackison also addressed issues specific to Seneca County, including the Sunny Farms Landfill and the development of wind turbine farms. “Thank you Tiffin Right to Life, members from the Seneca Anti-Wind Union and members against the landfill for all of your support,” Ackison said in a Facebook post after the events." Read the full article here

Melissa Ackison Endorsed by Wyandot County Sheriff, Mike Hetzel

Wyandot County Sheriff Michael R. Hetzel has endorsed Melissa Ackison (Marysville) in the Republican primary for the 26th District Ohio Senate seat, Ackison’s campaign announced Wednesday. “Sheriff Hetzel has a long history of serving and protecting the people of Wyandot County for over 30 years and the Ackison campaign is honored to have his full support and endorsement,” a press release from the campaign states. Continue reading


Ohio Senate candidate Melissa Ackison lead the charge against the “Drag 101” course being offered at Delaware County libraries. In her activism, she has exposed numerous details exposing how this course is not for children, including a library director stating that this would “add to children’s sexual education”. Earlier this evening, Mrs. Ackison was made aware that this class offering had been canceled. Throughout this process, Mrs. Ackison has been constantly attacked for her research into the event and even received multiple death threats, leading to additional police surveillance needed to confirm her safety. She refused to back down, and she will always refuse to back down. Ohio Value Voters joined the fight to stand up for Ohio children. Their efforts were crucial to protecting Ohio’s children. Linda Harvey also dedicated hours into the battle for Ohio’s families. Candidate Ackison would like to thank the many voices who stood up and fought back against the practice of using taxpayer money on such an activity. In the end, Ackison, Harvey and Value Voters refused to be intimidated and will continue to fight for Ohio.


MARYSVILLE, OH --- With election season, comes politicians introducing bills in the hopes of gaining support from areas they know are deficient. In order to combat his weak support from the anti-wind community, Bill Reineke is scrambling to introduce a bill to appease them. Just last year, Reineke supported fixing Ohio’s wind setback law in order to pave the way for a wind farm project in Seneca County. He is quoted stating: “This wind farm and others like it hold the promise of tremendous economic benefit for Ohio’s rural communities. I am hopeful the General Assembly will act soon to at least give our local community the opportunity to move forward with this project…” Less than a year ago, Reineke responded to a constituent about how wind turbines could effect property values. This was the response from his office, citing a five-year-old study: “According to the LSC, a 2013 study by the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, found no statistical evidence that homes in either the post-announcement, pre-construction period or post-construction periods that sold within a mile of turbines were sold for less than similar homes sold between three and ten miles away in the same period.” The voters of District 26 are much too intelligent to fall for Reineke’s age-old campaign tactics.


MARYSVILLE, OH --- Melissa Ackison is officially running for Ohio State Senate District 26 in order to give a loud conservative voice to the people of Sandusky, Seneca, Wyandot, Crawford, Morrow, Marion, and Union counties. With her experience as an independent business owner and working closely with local governments, she has the ability to relate to the hard-working tax-payers of this district. As a mother of four boys, she also understands the hardships that may fall on a family’s plate and how far a couple extra bucks can really go. Ackison will have a sharp focus on creating jobs, promoting small business, and strengthening our depleted vocational schools and skills training. Ackison adds: “As an independent business owner and mother of four boys, I know what it’s like to struggle and make ends meet. Our political climate in Columbus is in shambles. It seems these politicians get elected, get comfortable in Columbus, cozy up to lobbyists, and leave the hard working men and women of this great state behind in the process. I will fight to brighten the path for you and your family.”