Bill Reineke feeling ‘uneasy’ about upcoming GOP primary election against Melissa Ackison: source

State Rep. Bill Reineke (R-Tiffin) is reportedly feeling “uneasy” about Tuesday’s primary election, in which he’ll face off against small business owner and conservative activist Melissa Ackison (R-Marysville) for the 26th district state senate seat. While Reineke, the wealthy heir to his family’s car dealership enterprise, has the on-paper advantage in the race against Ackison — more cash left in the bank, coveted endorsements from the Ohio Republican Party, Congressman Jim Jordan, and others — a source familiar with Reineke’s line of thinking told News that he is privately expressing concern to those close to him that Ackison could pull off a stunning victory. The 26th district state senate seat includes Seneca, Sandusky, Marion, Morrow, Crawford, Wyandot, and Union counties. It is currently represented by Sen. Dave Burke (R-Marysville), who is term-limited and has endorsed Reineke for the seat. In the most recent pre-primary campaign finance reports filed by the candidates, the last of which will be made public before Tuesday’s election, Ackison outraised Reineke by over $26,000 — sending shock waves through the Ohio Republican establishment. Read the full article here.

Melissa Ackison outraises Bill Reineke by $26K in state senate primary, sounding alarm for GOP establishment

State senate candidate Melissa Ackison (R-Marysville), a small business owner and conservative activist, has outraised her opponent in the 26th state senate district Republican primary, Rep. Bill Reineke (R-Tiffin), by over $26,000, according to the last campaign finance reports filed with the Ohio Secretary of State’s office prior to the March 17 election. Ackison and Reineke are running in what has been called the ugliest primary race in Ohio state legislative history. Ackison reported raising $48,061 for her campaign between late January and early March. Her top three donations in terms of contribution amounts were: $12,500 from Angela Philips of Middletown, $10,000 coming from Jennifer Smalley of Upper Sandusky, and $10,000 coming from Brian Tschanen of Upper Sandusky. Continue Reading Here

New Commercial Released

Why should you vote for Melissa Ackison on March 17th? Watch her new video and find out!

Reineke campaign misquotes Blade in attack ad targeting Ackison

COLUMBUS — He accuses his opponent of lying to voters, but it is the Ohio Senate campaign of current Rep. Bill Reineke (R., Tiffin) that misrepresented reporting from The Blade in a mailer sent to GOP voters. The mailer, paid for by Friends of Bill Reineke, manufactures a headline within quotation marks as it seeks to steer readers to a critical website run by his campaign, but actually bearing opponent Melissa Ackison's name. Beneath a reproduction of The Blade's banner dated Feb. 10, the mailer attributes to the newspaper the words “Ackison Defies Trump, Lies to Ohio Voters.” On that day, a story appeared on that was headlined “Trump demands removal of photos in Ohio Senate race.” The same story appeared in the eBlade — the newspaper’s e-delivered edition — and on the Blade NewsSlide app on Feb. 11. The language contained in the mailer did not appear in any versions of the article. When reached for comment Tuesday, the Reineke campaign pledged not to use the mailer or use quotes attributed to The Blade in the future. Despite being in quotation marks, Mr. Reineke's campaign said it never intended to present the phrase as a direct quote. “Our mailer was paraphrasing the content of the article from [The Blade],” campaign spokesman Caleb Stidham said. “The Trump campaign sent Ackison a cease-and-desist letter demanding she stop lying to voters about her association with the President, and she is defying the Trump campaign demand. We provide The Blade article unedited in its entirety on, the website listed on the mail piece.” Mr. Reineke, owner of multiple auto dealerships, and Ms. Ackison, a Marysville business person and former candidate for the U.S. Senate, are seeking the Republican nomination for the 26th Senate District on March 17. The mostly rural, Republican-friendly district stretches from the Marysville area outside Columbus north to Sandusky Bay, incorporating seven counties, including Sandusky and Seneca. The sitting state representative has the official backing of the Ohio Republican Party in the race. “Bill Reineke's campaign has been fueled by anger and half-truths this entire race,” Ms. Ackison said. “District 26 deserves so much more. This is a direct indictment of his capability to effectively serve them in the Ohio Senate. I personally apologize to the Republican voters in the district who've had to read these hateful, false, and malicious lies.   Read the full Article Here

Looking Closer At The Local Political Glass Houses #Marionwatch Investigates

Throwing Stones In Glass Houses: Marion Republican Party Chairman Blasts 26th District Candidate Melissa Ackison For “Crossing The Line.” Looking Closer At The Local Political Glass Houses #Marionwatch Investigates   Earlier this week Republican Chairman Robert Schultz authored a post on the official Marion County Republican Party Facebook Page Stating: “As Chairman of the Marion County Republican Party I believe those seeking a “Public Office” should refrain from personal attacks. “Slash and burn” comments are unacceptable. Throughout much of the campaign for the 26th District Ohio Senate seat I have observed behavior I believe compromises the integrity and values of our great Republican Party. Certainly, candidates can disagree on issues and policy, but when comments are made with malicious, spiteful or harmful intent they are unacceptable. I urge Candidate Melissa Ackison to refrain from personal attacks for the remainder of this campaign. Personal attacks against those who disagree with her are not acceptable within the Marion County Republican Party.” MONN #MarionWatch will take a closer look at the local political glass houses on BOTH sides of the political spectrum: As we continue down this rabbit hole of insanity in local politics, we would like to point out that the post that is the main subject of this article leaves out many important circumstances in what has been called the most brutal State Senate Race in Ohio History. MONN #MarionWatch Co-Founder Retired Marion Deputy Sheriff Detective Dennis Potts was present at a press conference hosted by the Ratliff Law Firm, Melissa Ackison, and former Marion County Sheriff- now Licensed Private Investigator Ron Scheiderer in which it was announced that Ackison had retained the services of the Ratliffs and Mr. Scheiderer to investigate a series of events that ultimately led to the official filing of a Defamation Lawsuit against well-known allies of the Reineke Campaign including controversial Pastor Gary Click. Gary Click has been widely covered in conjunction to several very serious issues by Tiffin Media including his piece entitled “Controversial pastor and state rep. candidate Gary Click: Here’s what you need to know,” which highlights Pastor Click’s tactics including a verbal face to face encounter with Melissa Ackison at the Union County Fair, video below. The Reineke Campaign has also released several radio and television ads blasting Ackison, however these ads leave out some very important factors of which MONN Sr Investigative Reporters will be discussing with Melissa Ackison tomorrow February 15, 2020 @ 4PM on our Facebook Page LIVE! Read the full story here.

Melissa Ackison - GOP Candidate for Ohio State Senate

Listen to Melissa on the Tom Roten Morning Show! She covers why she is running, what is going wrong in Ohio and what she wants to do in the State Senate. Listen Here

GOP Ohio Senate candidate Bill Reineke accused of dirty tactics, orchestrating letter to Melissa Ackison

Did the chief operating officer of President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign really send a letter to Ohio Senate candidate Melissa Ackison (R-Marysville), demanding her to cease usage of photos of her alongside the president? Or was it potentially a “fake letter” sent by an operative working on behalf of Ackison’s opponent, current State Rep. Bill Reineke (R-Tiffin)? Ackison, a small business owner and conservative activist from Marysville, believes the latter is more likely. Read the full article here

Ackison will serve as a voice for local citizens

I am writing this letter as a concerned Ohioian. On March 17, there will be a primary election. For those that vote early, please pay attention to the following. This letter is meant to inform all free-thinking citizens of someone who is working to be our voice in the Ohio State Senate: Melissa Ackison. She is determined to speak for the people that vote her into office. Melissa is concerned with issues that affect all of us in our daily living. Here is a partial list of issues that Melissa Ackison will fight for in office: economic climate, welfare and entitlement reform, energy, immigration, schools, veterans, parents choice holistic health benefits, human trafficking, opiate epidemic, abolitionist, gun rights, and protection of children from depravity. Do you know who your current representative for your district is? There's a reason for that; he hasn't done anything for you or else you'd know who he is. I have been watching and learning about our government, local, state and federal, for numerous years. I am very selective about the people I recommend to represent the people in my community. Melissa Ackison will represent the people in the following counties: Crawford, Marion, Morrow, Wyandot, Union, Sandusky and Seneca. Check her out on Facebook. I believe you will see a straightforward, hardworking, truthful candidate who will earn your trust. Peggy Mooney, Nevada See it in the in the Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum Here

‘Political outlaw’ Ackison seeks Ohio state Senate seat

Melissa Ackison describes herself as a “conservative candidate and political outlaw.” In an interview with Ohio Business Daily, Ackison lived up to that claim. She discussed her determination to represent working people, why having an abortion when she was 16 led her to become a strong advocate for banning the procedure, and why she is the “mini-Trump of Ohio politics.” Ackison said she wants to serve in the Ohio Senate to be a voice of the people of Columbus, whom she said have been left behind. Read the full Article here

Establishment vs. grassroots in Ohio GOP Senate primary

MARYSVILLE — The contentious Republican Party primary race in Ohio's 26th Senate District didn't escalate Wednesday in Union County, but it didn't exactly cool off, either. State Rep. Bill Reineke, R-Tiffin, and Marysville business owner Melissa Ackison were on the same stage, but, per rules laid out by the Union County Republican Party, were not allowed to directly address each other during a candidate forum in Marysville. The two candidates entered and exited the stage inside the Veteran's Auditorium at the county building from opposite sides and did not acknowledge each other. Each candidate was given four minutes to address the audience and then the audience was allowed to ask questions. Both touted their conservative credentials during the event. Ackison addressed the audience first, breaking into a stream-of-consciousness speech to cover the issues on which her campaign is built. Read the full story here.