Looking Closer At The Local Political Glass Houses #Marionwatch Investigates

Throwing Stones In Glass Houses: Marion Republican Party Chairman Blasts 26th District Candidate Melissa Ackison For “Crossing The Line.” Looking Closer At The Local Political Glass Houses #Marionwatch Investigates


Earlier this week Republican Chairman Robert Schultz authored a post on the official Marion County Republican Party Facebook Page Stating:

“As Chairman of the Marion County Republican Party I believe those seeking a “Public Office” should refrain from personal attacks. “Slash and burn” comments are unacceptable. Throughout much of the campaign for the 26th District Ohio Senate seat I have observed behavior I believe compromises the integrity and values of our great Republican Party. Certainly, candidates can disagree on issues and policy, but when comments are made with malicious, spiteful or harmful intent they are unacceptable. I urge Candidate Melissa Ackison to refrain from personal attacks for the remainder of this campaign. Personal attacks against those who disagree with her are not acceptable within the Marion County Republican Party.”

MONN #MarionWatch will take a closer look at the local political glass houses on BOTH sides of the political spectrum:

As we continue down this rabbit hole of insanity in local politics, we would like to point out that the post that is the main subject of this article leaves out many important circumstances in what has been called the most brutal State Senate Race in Ohio History. MONN #MarionWatch Co-Founder Retired Marion Deputy Sheriff Detective Dennis Potts was present at a press conference hosted by the Ratliff Law Firm, Melissa Ackison, and former Marion County Sheriff- now Licensed Private Investigator Ron Scheiderer in which it was announced that Ackison had retained the services of the Ratliffs and Mr. Scheiderer to investigate a series of events that ultimately led to the official filing of a Defamation Lawsuit against well-known allies of the Reineke Campaign including controversial Pastor Gary Click. Gary Click has been widely covered in conjunction to several very serious issues by Tiffin Media including his piece entitled “Controversial pastor and state rep. candidate Gary Click: Here’s what you need to know,” which highlights Pastor Click’s tactics including a verbal face to face encounter with Melissa Ackison at the Union County Fair, video below. The Reineke Campaign has also released several radio and television ads blasting Ackison, however these ads leave out some very important factors of which MONN Sr Investigative Reporters will be discussing with Melissa Ackison tomorrow February 15, 2020 @ 4PM on our Facebook Page LIVE!

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