As a victim of Obamacare and as advocate for others in my position, I have a deep and very personal mission to overhaul the healthcare system. Free market design and marketplace competition coupled with patient centered insurance regulations are the only way to give the American people freedom of choice for their healthcare needs. 

More government involvement and oversight equates to out of touch policies for the American people. Medicaid expansion year after year is not a sustainable plan to hang your hat on. Throwing more tax dollars at a problem without first looking at the current systems is no way to correct an issue. It's time we hold our politicians accountable in the field of healthcare reform and there's no better person to shake things up than the impacted constituent who has lived under the failed policies like I have. 

The failures with the affordable care act have positioned Medicaid as a better healthcare option.  This current system creates the pathway to single payer systems, allowing full government control of Americans' health choice.  Yet another faction of government and institutional control limiting free market options.


As a small business owner, I can speak firsthand to the underutilization of available workforce programs to empower our people with meaningful career opportunities and job placement. Federal level policies continue to impact the effectiveness of local job and family service programs. As a private citizen who stepped up, I am working with the Directors of multiple state agencies to address this issue and educate the public on these available resources. 

Additionally, I arranged meetings with state representatives to review real life examples of entitlement abuse and my inability as a business owner to promote employees based on their concerns of losing their entitlements to better themselves. Simply put, business owners can't compete with government assistance once a citizen is entrenched in the system. Oftentimes, case management and responsible education of available assistance is not part of the process as the case managers are measured by the speed of the process versus a successful outcome. 

Policies geared towards skill based apprenticeship programs, and measurable accountability of an individual becoming employed need to be instituted immediately.  Federal level policy MUST be rolled out in a way where all American's contribute to the success of themselves and the success of our nation.


As a small business owner, I have experienced the intrusive nature associated with the federal taxes code and IRS regulations. Most politicians who have failed in crafting meaningful legislature have never started small businesses from the ground up.

It would be extremely difficult to speak to the tax issues plaguing a person who stepped out, stepped up and created jobs that enrich the economy when you have never been in the trenches as small business owners.  Unlike some mega-corporations who operate with the expectation of a taxpayer-funded bailout, the small business owner is on their own.


As the Justice for All candidate, I am pro-life and am steadfast in my convictions. Joining the popular support of organizations performing barbaric procedures to our women is something I will never endorse.

In my assistance with the pregnancy care centers, I see firsthand the long-term effects a mother faces as a result of receiving an abortion. I will continue to support the educational efforts and community work to build our women up and help them and their children achieve greatness.
I would encourage those supportive of abortion to spend time volunteering in local pregnancy care centers.  Expand your understanding of the affected women who went through abortions and effects of post abortion trauma. 


My support will always be with the respected generals who lead our service members as well as the various levels of law enforcement fighting to end domestic and foreign terrorism. We have the most capable military forces the world has ever known.

I will support initiatives conducive to the best military outcomes while ensuring our men and women are equipped with the tools necessary to survive.  "See Something Say Something" initiatives are a good start, but are not adequate in protecting our citizens.

​Any group, person or organization coercing, participating in or funding the indoctrination of radical ideals under the guise of a perceived religious obligation, political agenda advancement, or racial supremacy must be held accountable for their actions. 

When religious convictions, ideals, opinions and viewpoints translate to acts of violence, our law enforcement officials at the federal level and locally must have the support to address the threat.​


From a business and human resource standpoint, I've lived through the aftermath of offshoring to other countries resulting in facility closure and outplacement of the American people. I've seen the impact it has had on the consumer as it related to quality of goods and services.

From poorly constructed trade deals to regulations that create barriers for companies to stay and thrive in the United States, I support meaningful reform. As with most policies crafted by politicians, there is little regard to the impact of their mistakes for American workers and to businesses seeking to stay in the United States.



I've participated in resettlement programs in the private sector and lived in communities and school districts that were welcoming to refugees. From a business standpoint, I was responsible for the development of effective cultural and assimilation programs for the workplace. I also traveled abroad on assignments in Europe and Mexico.

I recognized the personal responsibility and respect with regard to my assimilation to other countries practices and cultures. Love for America and our values coupled with the desire to contribute are a non-negotiable facet of successful immigration policy. 

Additionally, I continue to support our president’s efforts to ensure safe and robust immigration policies ensuring all human rights are upheld for both the American citizen as well as those immigrating.


I support initiatives involving local level decision-making and policies administered at the state level. A teacher is a treasure and their decision to educate our children is selfless.

Teachers should be given the tools and support to be successful without intrusive federal level policies which impact their success and the advancement of their students.  Parents should have complete and total control when it comes to school choice for their children.


Despite popular belief, America is not an open pocketbook funded by the taxpayer. I am supportive of initiatives and an agenda that address the deficiencies within our government funded programs and institutions.

I am supportive of actives associated with optimizing the efficiency of our military and providing our veterans the respect they deserve. I am not supportive of government bailouts.


I am a conceal carry cardholder, I carry a legally owned weapon and fully support responsible gun ownership as well as educational and safety programs. I'm supportive of the work occurring within the local gun club specifically reaching out to women and minorities for firearms training. Hunting, trapping and shooting are vital life skills and I've hosted hunters and their children on my land for many years.


I am supportive of women advancing themselves through job enrichment programs, entrepreneur skills training and business ownership. I fully believe a determined woman is an invaluable asset to her family, her community and to herself.

I support independent thinking and I have overcome obstacles to achieve success in the professional world as well as the private sector.  A mother who chooses to raise her children full time is also an incredible asset.  I've always wanted to be measured for my merits and character as opposed to someone considering me for a position simply because I am a woman.


I support term limits at all levels within the political infrastructure.  In business, failure to bring resolution to issues results in collectively looking at the alternatives to replace the ineffective people or processes.