Petition - Tell Bill Reineke to Debate Melissa Ackison

Melissa Ackison is committed to participating in a debate between her and her opponent. Political debates between candidates seeking the same office is a cornerstone of American elections, and are designed to fairly contrast the differences between candidates - rooting out those who are unfit to serve. Debates make our election system even more unique to the rest of the world and the people of Ohio's 26th State Senate District demand this simple request of public servants in the name of civil discourse.

For over a month, Melissa Ackison and her campaign have attempted to contact the Reineke campaign via text, phone calls, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and even his own website contact form - ALL of which have gone unanswered. Sign Melissa's petition below to send a message to Bill Reineke that the people demand to see their candidates debate and engage in a public discussion about the pressing issues facing the hard working families of Ohio.

By signing this petition you are making a demand for Bill Reineke to face the public, defend his platform, and debate Melissa Ackison on the issues facing the hard-working people of Ohio. Your personal information will not be shared when a list of signees is sent to the Reineke campaign.

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