Ackison will serve as a voice for local citizens

I am writing this letter as a concerned Ohioian.

On March 17, there will be a primary election. For those that vote early, please pay attention to the following.

This letter is meant to inform all free-thinking citizens of someone who is working to be our voice in the Ohio State Senate: Melissa Ackison.

She is determined to speak for the people that vote her into office. Melissa is concerned with issues that affect all of us in our daily living.

Here is a partial list of issues that Melissa Ackison will fight for in office: economic climate, welfare and entitlement reform, energy, immigration, schools, veterans, parents choice holistic health benefits, human trafficking, opiate epidemic, abolitionist, gun rights, and protection of children from depravity.

Do you know who your current representative for your district is? There's a reason for that; he hasn't done anything for you or else you'd know who he is.

I have been watching and learning about our government, local, state and federal, for numerous years. I am very selective about the people I recommend to represent the people in my community.

Melissa Ackison will represent the people in the following counties: Crawford, Marion, Morrow, Wyandot, Union, Sandusky and Seneca. Check her out on Facebook. I believe you will see a straightforward, hardworking, truthful candidate who will earn your trust.

Peggy Mooney, Nevada

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