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[Ackison shared an alarmist video to Twitter on Wednesday, stating: 'Our children under attack. Right here, in Ohio, our libraries are hosting summer reading programs with inappropriate content for underage children to get in touch with their sexuality'.

'I'm a Christian, a mother-of-four, and I've had enough,' she added. 

'I want to stand with me and tell the radical left that we will not allow you to transform this great nation and completely destroy our family units.'

Following news of the threatening phone calls to the library, Ackison took to Facebook to say that she did not condone such behavior. 

'Violence, threats, and abusive language towards your fellow man, is never acceptable when debating a particular topic you disagree with.

'I know firsthand what it feels like to have your children’s schools under watch and your home under watch by the authorities after receiving threats of bodily harm and would NEVER condone behaviors like this towards another human being.']


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Melissa Ackison and Ohio Value Voters Win Battle Against “Drag 101” Course



Ohio Senate candidate Melissa Ackison lead the charge against the “Drag 101” course being offered at Delaware County libraries. In her activism, she has exposed numerous details exposing how this course is not for children, including a library director stating that this would “add to children’s sexual education”. Earlier this evening, Mrs. Ackison was made aware that this class offering had been canceled. Throughout this process, Mrs. Ackison has been constantly attacked for her research into the event and even received multiple death threats, leading to additional police surveillance needed to confirm her safety. She refused to back down, and she will always refuse to back down. Ohio Value Voters joined the fight to stand up for Ohio children. Their efforts were crucial to protecting Ohio’s children. Linda Harvey also dedicated hours into the battle for Ohio’s families. Candidate Ackison would like to thank the many voices who stood up and fought back against the practice of using taxpayer money on such an activity. In the end, Ackison, Harvey and Value Voters refused to be intimidated and will continue to fight for Ohio.


Ackison Campaign and The Blaze



[Melissa Ackison — a mother of four and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate — told WOWK she has questions about the "Drag 101" class.

"My first concern was, 'Are there background checks for this program, and how are they vetting candidates who come in for something like this?'" she told the station.

Ackison also wondered to WOWK if "Drag 101" is an appropriate use of tax dollars or class time for teens and if it simply shouldn't be offered.]


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New Ad Highlighting Veterans' Support for Melissa



I'm Running



Melissa Ackison is running for Ohio's Senate District 26 to give a voice back to the people left behind by Columbus. Melissa Ackison grew up in a blue collar neighborhood on the West Side of Columbus, Ohio. She is currently the co-owner and managing partner of Ackison Surveying LLC. Melissa and her husband Rich are the proud parents of four boys. While one son worked for the family business as a surveyor, another son serves our country in the U.S. Army. Their younger sons are 9-years and 2 years-old. Prior to partnering with her husband to run their family business, she owned a successful staffing company servicing the needs of the handicapped, elderly and disabled. Although she currently resides in Union county, Melissa plays an active role in the community she was raised in. When Melissa became involved in the real estate market, she invested back into the community by restoring dilapidated properties with the help of community members. In addition to building businesses from the ground up, Melissa has served in professional roles both internationally and domestically in Human Resources. She focused on employee and labor relations, organizational design, and policy implementation. Melissa has also served as chief negotiator in Union matters. Her efforts in effectively serving the employees within this scope led to an unprecedented event – Union employees led decertification efforts through the National Labor Relations Board. Like many other small businesses, her business has been hurt due to detrimental and intrusive government policies. Good intentions do not equate to the creation of good policies that benefit the American people. Our current political leadership lacks the moral courage to stand up for its citizens who take part in the great American tradition of starting their own businesses.